NPR: Hopi site at risk after Arizona shuts down five parks
"As states across the country scramble to close budget gaps, many are targeting state parks. Arizona is the first to go through with it. In February, the state closed five of its 30 parks, and a number of them contain fragile archaeological sites. Now residents are taking steps to prevent looting.

On a clear, calm day, Homolovi Ruins State Park has one of the best views in northern Arizona. To the north are the red-rock mesas of the Hopi Nation. To the west, the Little Colorado River and snowcapped San Francisco Peaks.

Susan Secakuku, a former archaeologist at Homolovi and a member of the Hopi tribe, says it's hard to believe visitors are no longer allowed to see this stunning view from inside the park. They're also not allowed to see the archaeological treasures that are found there.

"There's a lot of beautiful pottery, there are burial plots," Secakuku said. "We as the Hopi tribe are very concerned about the protection of the place first and foremost, and that's kind of the scary part right now.""

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