Witness list for House Resources hearing on Indian bills
The House Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing tomorrow on three Indian bills.

The hearing takes place at 10am in Room 1324 of the Longworth House Office Building. It will be webcast.

The committee will consider H.R.4445, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Clarification Act; H.R.1554, the Fountainhead Property Land Transfer Act; and H.R.2340, the Salmon Lake Land Selection Resolution Act. The witness list follows:
Panel 1:
Mr. George T. Skibine (H.R. 4445, H.R. 1554, H.R. 2340)
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Policy and Economic Development for Indian Affairs, U.S. Department of the Interior

Panel 2:
Mr. Alvin H. Warren (H.R. 4445)
Cabinet Secretary, New Mexico Indian Affairs Department

Mr. Ron Solimon (H.R. 4445)
President and Chief Executive Officer, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.

The Honorable A.D. Ellis (H.R. 1554)
Principal Chief, Muscogee (Creek) Nation

Ms. Gail R. Schubert (H.R. 2340)
Chief Executive Officer, Bering Straits Native Corporation
Accompanied by:
Mr. Matthew L. Ganley, VP Land and Resources

Committee Notice:
'Full Committee Legislative Hearing On H.R. 4445, H.R. 1554 And H.R. 2340 (April 21, 2010)

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