Obama seeks $4.4B for Indian Health Service budget
President Barack Obama is proposing a $4.4 billion budget for the Indian Health Service.

According to a fact sheet just posted by the White House Office of Management and Budget, the fiscal year 2011 budget will increase access to care for American Indians and Alaska Natives through the following:
•$4.4 billion for the Indian Health Service (IHS) to expand investments initiated in 2010. Increases for IHS will strengthen existing federal, tribal, and urban programs that serve 1.9 million people at approximately 600 facilities, and will expand access to Contract Health Services to cover health care services provided outside of the Indian health system when services are not available at IHS-funded facilities.
•Fund staff and operating costs at new and expanded facilities to increase access to health care services and enhance the Indian health system. The efforts supported in the Budget to expand health services in Indian communities also include an analysis of how IHS can improve distribution of resources throughout the Indian health system.

Overall, Obama is seeking $81.3 billion for the Department of Health and Human Services, an increase from current levels.

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