Shoshone leader's domestic violence case dropped
A domestic violence case against Bruce Parry, a leader of the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation, has been dropped, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Bruce Grant Parry, 70, was charged with misdemeanor counts assault and making terroristic threats. He allegedly hit his wife and threatened her and one of his sons. His wife requested the case be dismissed.

The charges stemmed from two incidents last November, shortly before Parry resigned as chairman of the tribe although he remains on the council. He also agreed to be suspended as CEO of NWB Economic Development amid allegations of financial mismanagement.

Parry was accused of stealing by his wife, his children and his grandchildren at a tribal council meeting before he was suspended, the Tribune reported.

The tribe is based in Utah and in Idaho.

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Domestic violence charges against Shoshone tribal leader dismissed at wife's request (The Salt Lake Tribune 2/11)

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