Wells Mahkee: No snowmaking in the sacred San Francisco Peaks
"Well, it finally happened. Despite objections from a number of tribes throughout the Southwest, the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently approved Arizona Snowbowl to continue with their expansion efforts, which will undoubtedly include artificial snowmaking.

It's no surprise that Snowbowl owner Eric Borowski was thrilled, adding that he would make a request to the Flagstaff City Council to use potable water to make artificial snow since tribes had previously complained about the use of reclaimed sewage effluent to make artificial snow. But if left with no choice, he was prepared to use reclaimed wastewater.

A previous recommendation made by Flagstaff City Manager Kevin Burke back in May stated that snowmaking was likely to be approved by the USDA, and that a water source "less offensive" to Native American tribes should be chosen for artificial snowmaking. Hmm... To me, that's pretty much like trying to decide if shooting someone with a .22 caliber rifle would somehow be less painful than to shoot them with a shotgun; it makes absolutely no sense no matter which way you look at it.

From Day One, all tribes with cultural affiliation to the sacred Peaks have vehemently opposed any form of artificial snowmaking, regardless of water source because they are all in agreement that man should not supersede their deities and that snow should occur naturally. Bucky Preston, a Hopi farmer, was quoted in an article not too long ago in which he stated quite simply, "It's against the creator to make snow. That's not humans' job.""

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Wells Mahkee Jr.: What part of 'no artificial snow' don't you understand? (The Navajo Hopi Observer 7/13)

9th Circuit Decision:
Navajo Nation v. US Forest Service (August 8, 2008)

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