Delvin Cree: Bill Lawrence a huge influence in Minnesota
"It was in the early 1990s and I was involved in city politics in Minneapolis. Earlier, I moved from a small township in north central North Dakota almost a decade before — to search for a new life away from the reservation.

When I first settled in the Phillips Neighborhood in Minneapolis, I became involved in neighborhood activities at first and soon after, I was active in state and national politics. After experiencing an active role in my community I became an novice reporter for Bill Lawrence and the Native American Press.

There were many stories to be reported in the American Indian communities in the Twin Cities area, a man could get rich by writing them. There were stories of unethical practices in the workplace, investigations of sexual and physical assaults at the Hennepin County Detox Center, court hearings related to a coffee shop in St. Paul and the list goes on and on.

All had to do with American Indians. Bill Lawrence, I know, believed he was doing a good deed when reporting to the American Indian population across the state of Minnesota and let me tell you — he was. I first met Bll when Indian female’s at a local detox center in Minneapolis were crying out to the community that they were being assaulted by security personnel at the center."

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Delvin Cree: Lawrence fought to correct American Indian abuse (The Bemidji Pioneer 3/14)

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