Editorial: Chickasaw Nation role at national park a win-win

"Privatization of government services typically draws the wrath of liberals in general and public employees in particular. Witness the aborted attempt in 2001 to privatize maintenance of some Oklahoma state highways. It started with a bang of protest and ended with a whimper of resignation: State employees were restored to their maintenance jobs.

We suspect that not much wrath will arise from news that the Chickasaw Nation is in talks with the National Park Service to manage the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Murray County.

This deal is far from being done, and perhaps the usual suspects will yet make a stink about it. But we doubt it because American Indians have most-favored ally status among Democrats and the unions with which they affiliate.

The prime reason this agreement, if it happens, won’t raise many hackles is that the Chickasaws have such a metier for business, with an outstanding record in professional management. The tribe is among the nation’s best for acting in a businesslike manner — whether it’s casinos, manufacturing, media outlets or health care and housing for tribal members."

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Editorial: Parking metier: Chickasaw proposal a win-win situation (The Oklahoman 4/27)

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