Opinion: Vincent Craig, Indian Superhero, goes to his reward

"Knowing that death is our universal fate isn't much consolation when we lose someone we love. We can only think of ourselves and what we have lost. That's why my heart goes out to the family of my old friend Vincent Craig. He died Saturday after doing battle with cancer for months. The Navajo cartoon Superhero he created - Muttonman - couldn't have put up a better fight.

To know Vincent, you had to know Muttonman. He was the embodiment of Vincent's wild imagination, keen intellect and gentle humor back in the days when it was still safe to laugh at "ethnic" jokes. You had faith that Muttonman could never be defeated because he was a survivor of Indian Boarding School. He appeared in the '80s in the Navajo Times wearing a Jim Thorpe football helmet adorned with feathers, Greek style uniform, cape, mask, and Navajo moccasins. His nemesis was an old lady bootlegger, but he took on all evildoers fearlessly. Cartooning was only one of Vincent's talents. He was a singer, songwriter, musician, humorist, storyteller, and all-around entertainer. I have known a lot of talented people in my long life, but Vincent Craig was by far the most multi-talented person I ever knew. He was never happier than when he was performing. He performed all over Indian Country, but didn't set limits on himself. When a group of us started the White Mountains Roundup of cowboy poetry in Pinetop-Lakeside in 2006, Vincent was our first choice as a performer/MC. "

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