Opinion: Bigger battles than traditional dress for graduation
"A 19-year-old Native American high school senior attempted to sue his school board because it wouldn’t let him exchange the traditional cap and gown for his graduation ceremony for what he wanted to wear, his traditional Lakota clothing. This and other somewhat related news stories of late prompt some comments. The bottom line is there are bigger battles to fight and this is still a nation of laws.

WHERE IS OELRICHS, South Dakota? For that matter, who is Aloysius Dreaming Bear? The little town of Oelrichs (Population 139, give or take a few) is 18 miles southeast of Hot Springs. Mr. Dreaming Bear is the high school senior there making the news lately because he wanted to sue his school board in federal court for the right, yes, I said right, to wear the traditional Lakota clothing instead of the traditional cap and gown for his graduation .

To this, with all the wars and abuses in this world and the lingering racial prejudices still in South Dakota, about all I can say is there are bigger battles to fight for Mr. Dreaming Bear and the others who feel their so-called rights are being violated.

According to the Rapid City Journal, Dreaming Bear asked, “How can I be a honorable Lakota warrior by wearing a white man’s gown and not my tribe’s regalia?”

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Gordon Garnos: To Mr. Dreaming Bear and others: There are bigger battles to fight (The Dakota Voice 5/24)

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