Sac and Fox Nation objections affect proposed interchange
The Sac and Fox Nation is opposed to a proposed highway interchange that is generating controversy in Oklahoma.

The tribe is worried that the interchange will affect cultural events and practices. Tribal members own allotments in the area.

“Federal and state officials should not purposely, or inadvertently, desecrate the hallowed Sac and Fox land, which is included as part of the proposed project," a letter from the tribe to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation stated, The Shawnee News-Star reported.

The department is looking into the tribe's concerns, the transportation secretary and director said. “Until that’s resolved, we’re not going to move forward. It certainly will cause us a delay," Gary Ridley told the paper.

The interchage is located near land owned by Gov. Brad Henry (D) and state Highway Commission Chairman Dan B. Overland, The Oklahoman reported. Henry said the land he and his family own is worthless with or without an interchange. Overland said he won't benefit from the project.

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