New Mexico tribes silent on future of school amphitheater

The All Indian Pueblo Council hasn't said what will happen to the historic Paolo Soleri Amphitheater at Santa Fe Indian School in New Mexico.

The tribes own and operate the school, which is located on trust land. In the last couple of years, the tribes demolished numerous buildings on the campus, some dating to the late 1800s and early 1900s, and many fear the amphitheater will be the next to go.

A Facebook group started by alumna Frances Abeyta has attracted nearly 2,500 followers. Many are students who have fond memories of commencement ceremonies and events at the venue and many more are people who have attended top-name concerts there

Promoter Jamie Lenfesty has scheduled what is expected to be the last concert at Paolo Soleri. He said Lyle Lovett, who has played the venue more times than anyone else, has agreed to help raise money to convince the tribes to keep the amphitheater open under a lease arrangement.

"The Indian School will never come out and announce that they will demolish it or shut it down," Lenfesty told The Albuquerque Journal. "It behooves them to let it die quietly. For years, they've been grumbling about it being a money loser. They have no sentimental connection to it."

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