Schwarzenegger won't back Tule River land-into-trust application
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) won't support a land-into-trust application even though local officials have reached a cooperative agreement with the Tule River Tribe.

Schwarzenegger was pressured by gas station owners in the Porterville area to oppose the tribe's application. His legal adviser told the Bureau of Indian Affairs that the tribe hasn't provided enough information about its plans for the 40 acres.

“We do not believe there is enough information regarding the future use of the land to allow proper evaluation of the proposed economic development,” legal affairs secretary Andrea Hoch wrote in the letter, Capitol Weekly reports.

The tribe already operates a gas station and non-Indians fear another one could cut into their business.

“If you let them come in here and start selling gas, next thing they will open retail stores,” former mayor Kelly West told Capitol Weekly. “They will put this city under.”

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Gas stations: latest fight of tribes against the locals? (The Capitol Weekly 7/29)

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