Logan Davis: Indian Country wants same opportunities as others
"I have to apologize to all tribal nations on behalf of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa for disparaging comments made by Delvin Cree.

I agree with the headline of his piece, but much of the content was quite offensive and off-base.

In his column, Cree writes that tribal members “across Indian Country” are waiting at their windows for drugs, booze or cash from tribal council candidates. On my reservation, there are many people waiting, all right. They are waiting for this country’s leaders to recognize the treaties that have been broken by the U.S. government and the land taken away from our ancestors to be honored and respected.

On this small but heavily populated reservation in North Dakota, we have our share of problems, including drugs, alcohol and tobacco abuse. But that is not unlike other impoverished cities and communities around the world.

What our American Indian people are waiting for are the same opportunities that all Americans in this country have.

We do expect and deserve ethical treatment, not only from our own tribal leaders but also from the leaders in Washington. That means they must honor the treaties and, yes, the many promises they made to our tribal nations in exchange for what was once a veritable Garden of Eden."

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