Editorial: Arizona's tribal heritage sadly vulnerable to vandalism
"A few minutes of mindless destruction. A few sloppy strokes of white paint. Vandals defaced a millennium-old panel of rock art in the Kaibab National Forest with heartbreaking ease and speed.

This is criminal. Literally.

Since the perpetrators left a calling card - the paint spells out ACE - there's a hopeful possibility that someone will help authorities track them down (if you have information, call Martie Schramm of the Williams District Ranger, at 928-635-5630).

But the fact is that Arizona's ancient heritage is sadly vulnerable. We can take stronger steps to safeguard it. But there's no sure protection, and the challenge grows along with our population.

A hiker spotted the damage at Keyhole Sink in the Kaibab National Forest. The paint covers up the strange and striking images Native Americans scratched into a rock face at least 1,000 years ago. The petroglyphs include bear paws, lizards, snakes and what appears to be a shining sun."

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