Health Dialogues: The status of Indian health care for California
"Join Health Dialogues as we examine the health of Native Americans in California. Have gambling revenues impacted the population's health status? We'll explore the current condition of Native American health, and hear from people doing something to help.

Host Sarah Varney visits the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation, to take a tour of the Sycuan Medical and Dental Center on the tribe's reservation. Guest: Daniel James Tucker, chairman of the Sycuan Tribe. Guest: Sal Falco, administrative director of the Sycuan Medical and Dental Center.

Health Dialogues heads up to rural Northern California to see what impact casino revenues have had at the United Indian Health Service, a non-profit tribal health consortium that serves nine tribes.

Health Dialogues looks at the tension between the ceremonial use of tobacco and the damaging effects of its recreational use. At least 20 percent of American Indians in California smoke. A new report from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research calculates that the cost of smoking - in health care and lost productivity - adds up to nearly 800 million dollars per year."

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