Letter: The truth about Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation jobs
"Lisa Finley-Deville says she was terminated Nov. 3. Incorrect.

In a text message to all tribal council members, she asked to be laid off, and she was.

Deville was a political appointee, although hired by full council.

By resolution, then Mandan, Hidatsa Arikara Nation Chairman Marcus Wells Levings took away the Fort Berthold Housing Authority’s authority to hire. He appointed Avallon Becky Knight as executive director and created a new position, deputy director of housing, for DeVille.

I am and was a political appointee of Chairman Tex Hall. I am appointed for 30 days. If my work is satisfactory, I will be hired by full council with the understanding that I am a political appointee. This is so I can become eligible for certain benefits such as health care. Same for Deville.

During the first days of the Hall administration, 47 people were laid off, resigned or were reassigned. None was terminated.

Deville paints a pathetic picture of people standing in line crying. She did not have to stand in line. She was laid off from Housing and her letter was delivered to her."

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Glenda Embry: Changes in tribe administration (The Bismarck Tribune 12/10)

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