Official apologizes to Robinson Rancheria for communications flap

A supervisor in Lake County, California, apologized to the Robinson Rancheria for a breakdown in communication with the tribe.

In December, Supervisor Denise Rushing sent a letter to the tribe, raising concerns about plans for a gas station and convenience store. When she didn't hear back, she drafted a second letter -- with more harsh language -- but it turns out the tribe had yet to receive the first letter.

The situation changed when another supervisor got involved. Chairwoman Tracy Avila contacted the county and the two sides have been able to sit down and talk.

“While the communications on this project have been rocky, we have had a few very good meetings I believe,” Rushing said at a public meeting in which she apologized to Avila, The Lake County News reported.

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Supervisors, tribal officials discuss gas station project (The Lake County News 1/26)

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