Jerry Cornelius: Oneida Nation remembers its veterans

"I am a Vietnam-era veteran. To me, Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor all veterans who have given the ultimate sacrifice — their lives in the line of duty. It is a day to thank those vets who have returned home from harm's way. We also must remember those who didn't serve in combat, but who died. All of these men and women have served this beautiful country so we all can enjoy the freedoms we have as Americans. When we do the things we love, we should remember the men and women whose sacrifices made this possible.

But Memorial Day isn't all about veterans. It is a day to also remember loved ones who have died. In short, this holiday is a time for remembrance. For all the dedication, patriotism and loyalty that all veterans have shown toward our great land, the least we can do is to remember those who have put so much on the line for America.

As an Oneida veteran, I am thankful our tribe has taken such pride to honor the veterans of our community. When I have the honor to be in the Oneida Color Guard, I am filled with pride to be able to carry the U.S. flag. I can feel the respect that is shown to our unit as we present the colors, and it makes me feel good that I accepted my call to duty in joining the Army."

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Jerry Cornelius: Honor those who served, sacrificed lives (The Green Bay Press-Gazette 5/30)

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