Column: Texas town plays host to Quanah Parker celebration

"The Texas town named for Quanah Parker — Quanah, southwest of Altus, 10 miles below the Red River — is celebrating his life and selling its connection to the last Comanche war chief Thursday through Saturday.

It’s a great example of how Main Street programs can blend local history, historic buildings and present-day business aims. Usually, the annual Quanah Parker Family Reunion & Powwow takes place in Cache, west of Lawton. This year, it’s expanded, and the Quanah Parker Celebration will be in historic downtown Quanah.

Don Parker, a great-grandson, said he wanted it “to be a ‘time of reconciliation’ for Anglos and Indians, former adversaries,” according to Quanah Main Street. It will “blend cultures, starting with a gathering Thursday evening around a common campfire ... in the shadow of teepees and the Quanah, Acme & Pacific (Railroad) Museum, all to the tune of Comanche flute music and a cowboy fiddle.”"

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Richard Mize: Life and times of Comanche Chief Quanah Parker are at the center of a celebration in Quanah, Texas (The Oklahoman 6/8)

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