Opinion: Otoe-Missouria Tribe hosts 130th annual gathering

"Some 130 years have passed since the Otoe-Missouria Tribe was moved from the Big Blue Reservation in southeastern Nebraska to Indian Territory. Every year since their arrival, the people have gathered near the Old Agency in Red Rock on the third week of July to celebrate and remember their Otoe-Missouria ways.

For many people the gathering, held July 14-17, is the most significant social and cultural event of the year. Thousands of tribal members travel from across the United States to participate in this important event. They come to catch up with old friends and distant family. And they come to hear the old songs.

“I was told years ago that this encampment is the one time when the most Otoe people are located in one place,” Encampment Committee Chairman Hank Childs says. “It’s the time when we get together to enjoy the fellowship of each other. People plan their vacations to come home that weekend to be with family—to meet new nieces and nephews and cousins.”"

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