Chief of First Nations group threatens lawsuit over suspension

Guy Lonechild, the chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, is giving tribal leaders a week to reinstate him or face a lawsuit.

Lonechild was suspended without pay after some tribal leaders raised questions about his conviction on a drunken driving charge. He faces a September 1 vote on his future and says he's being targeted because he is going through the FSIN books.

"That comes on the many efforts of cutting back per diems and travel and honorariums for many of these very same people," Lonechild told reporters of his critics within the organization.

FSIN Vice Chief Morley Watson, who has assumed the duties of chief, said tribal leaders wouldn't have supported Lonechild had they known about his DUI incident, which occurred a month prior to the October 2009 election.

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Guy Lonechild lashes out over FSIN suspension (CBC 8/9)

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