Lifestyle: Squaxin Island Tribe operates world-class golf course

"At a time when almost no new golf courses are being built in the United States, any new opening would be newsworthy, whether the result is good or not.

Fortunately for denizens of Washington, and golf travelers everywhere, the results at Salish Cliffs are better than good. The course officially opens this weekend, with a big gala headlined by Masters Champion Fred Couples, but I had the chance to preview it a few days early.

I have written before about the joys of casino courses. Because casinos tend to have a lot of cash, and view golf as a gamblers’ amenity, akin to free drinks, rather than as a profit center, they tend to take a less bottom line oriented view. As a result they hire the best architects, spare no construction expense and often have impeccable maintenance. Not every casino course is first rate, but Salish Cliffs certainly is."

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