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MPR: Traditional foods help fight hunger on White Earth Nation

"White Earth Indian Reservation, Minn. β€” Hunger is such a problem on some parts of the White Earth Reservation that there is a neighborhood some people call Hungry Hill.

"It's hard, you know, living day to day," said 29-year-old Melissa Manypenny. "Especially when you have children, and it's hard for you to feed your children from day to day."

Manypenny and her boyfriend, Daniel St. Clair, 38, both grew up on Hungry Hill in the town of White Earth. They often relied on a macaroni, which many on the reservation call "Mac." For them, that meant hamburger, macaroni noodles and tomato paste.

"Those three essential foods is what kept Hungry Hill surviving for all these years," said St. Clair, who gets by on the money he earns from the Shooting Star Casino, and with food from a federal commodity program. "

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A return to traditional foods helps some fight hunger on White Earth Reservation (Minnesota Public Radio 10/4)

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