Abramoff Scandal

In The Loop: Jack Abramoff working on his tell-all lobbying book

"Jack Abramoff might have a book on the way, but literary lucre isn’t in his future.

When we reported last week that Abramoff was penning a first-person account of his adventures in uber-lobbying, some readers fretted that he stood to get rich from rehashing his misdeeds.

Fear not: If his soon-to-be-published book, “Capitol Punishment,” makes money, much of it will go to the Indian tribes that the ex-lobbyist ripped off. Under a restitution order imposed after Abramoff was convicted of fraud and corruption, he must pay back more than $23 million to his victims under a plan that calls for him to pay a hefty percentage of his gross income.

Janet Fallon, a marketing consultant for publisher WND Books, says Abramoff will outline a series of “harsh, thorough reforms” to cure Washington’s influence industry of corruption. These proposals, she said, will be all the more credible coming from someone who knows how to game the system."

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