Seneca Nation president seeks resignation of council member

Seneca Nation President Robert Odawi Porter appointed Susan P. Abrams to the tribal council and now he wants her to resign.

Porter once praised Abrams as "outstanding leader." But then he fired her from her job as a legislative specialist and is calling her a loan shark.

"I consider this predatory behavior, and I believe there are other victims who are afraid to come forward," Porter told The Buffalo News, citing a loan that Abrams and her husband made to a neighbor.

Abrams said she and her husband have settled a $1,625 loan with Jordan A. O'Connell. But at one point they were seeking more than $16,000 in Seneca Peacemakers Court, which would amount to more than 30 percent interest.

Abrams says Porter is going after her because she won't support his decisions.

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Seneca president alleges that tribal critic is a loan shark (The Buffalo News 11/8)

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