Editorial: Trust voters to put 'Fighting Sioux' imagery to rest

"At the end of a chaotic week, the question is, What’s next for UND’s nickname and logo?

The answer ought to be: An election.

The Board of Higher Education is exploring a different answer: asking the state Supreme Court to invoke the board’s constitutional prerogative over the nickname. This would have the effect of invalidating petitions that were filed last week and would forestall a vote on the matter.

That’s a poor choice.

First, it prolongs the controversy over UND’s use of the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo. It deepens the divisions already opened over the nickname and logo.

Worse, it endangers the state’s university system by making it seem distrustful of the people and contemptuous of their rights. This will embolden critics of the system, who have seized on the nickname issue."

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