White House Blog: Roi Holt earns award for crime victim work

"Supporting victims of crime is a priority for this administration and for the Department of Justice. It is important to focus the nation’s attention on the courage and concrete results of individuals and organizations that provide services to crime victims. Their long term commitment to helping survivors, their families, and their communities is unparalleled.

This year’s theme, “Extending the Vision: Reaching Every Victim,” calls on us to celebrate the progress we’ve made. The theme captures the spirit and resolve needed to reach every victim to provide hope and help.

The work and stories of the individuals and organizations who have received this year’s awards are powerful.

Take Roi Holt, from Washington, who received a Federal Crime Victim Service Award. Through her work in government agencies, beginning with the Department of the Interior, she promoted awareness of federal victims’ rights laws among federal law enforcement personnel.

She has been a resource for law enforcement officers who need information, referrals and assistance for victims of crime. She has been especially active in responding to the critical needs of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and tribal communities. Her efforts empower communities and have a lasting impact on the lives of many people."

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