MPBN: Maliseet man launches campaign for Maine Legislature

"Many of the 800 members of the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians had long argued that they should have a voice in the Maine Legislature right alongside the tribal representatives from the Passamaquoddy and Penobscot nations. The Maliseet position was authorized two years ago and in January and David Slagger was sworn in as the tribe's first legislative rep. Slagger says he was able to voice his opinions on state-wide issues, but says a voice is no substitute for a vote.

"We pay taxes, we have impact, we drive the roads, so we are Maine citizens," Slagger says. "I want to have the same rights and privileges as what the Article 1 of the Maine Consitution says: That all men and women in the state of Maine are created equal in the eyes of God."

To obtain that right in the Maine Legislature, the Kenduskeag resident plans to run for House District Seat 22, which also includes the communities of Glenburn, Levant and part of Corinth just northwest of Bangor. Slagger says he understood the restrictions when he was appointed to his seat as the Maliseet tribal representative, but says the experience has been frustrating."

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Maine Maliseet Rep Seeks new Office Where Vote Counts (Maine Public Broadcasting Network 5/21)

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