Texas Trails: The history of the weeping warriors of Caddo Tribe

"The first successful farmers in Texas were the Caddo, a tribe that occupied large parts of East Texas, with some spillover into Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Southernmost of the great Mississippi native cultures, the Texas branches included the Kadohadacho, who lived along the Red River; the Hasinai who occupied the Neches and Angelina River valley; and the Natchitoches on the Red River near the French post of the same name.

The Caddo, like the Karankawa of the Gulf Coast, were ritualistic weepers. They were likely to break out in tears at any moment and continue crying for long periods of time. Europeans learned to beware when Caddo women wept because it meant that someone's death was nigh. They couldn't help but wonder if the Caddo bell was tolling for them."

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Texas Trails: The Weeping Warriors of Texas (The Sulphur Springs Country World 5/29)

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