Snoqualmie Tribe makes agreement for early payoff of hospital

The Snoqualmie Tribe of Washington reached an agreement that revised the purchase price of a hospital.

In 2008, the tribe bought the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital for $30 million. The tribe has made about $2 million in payments since then, The Snoqualmie Valley Star reported.

The tribe was due to make a "balloon payment" of $25 million in May 2015. But the hospital accepted an early payoff that requires the tribe to pay just $14 million.

“This is a shock. The tribe owes $28 million and you’re going to accept half. You can spin it any way you want, but this is ridiculous. This is just awful," one resident said at a public meeting, the paper reported.

Hospital commissioners also expressed concerns but agreed to accept the early payoff.

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Hospital and tribe make a deal (The Snoqualmie Valley Star 6/27)

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