Gabe Galanda: Congress letting Indian Country tax credits expire

"Amidst partisan gridlock in the Beltway over national tax policy, Congress has allowed several tax incentives designed to attract private development and jobs to Indian Country, to expire. Others will expire unless Congress acts. Indeed, amidst much election-year debate about the American small business sector and middle class, Indian Country’s private sector and hope for a robust middle class has been forgotten by Congress.

Indian Country must urge that these tax incentives be extended so that tribal governments can continue to attract private capital and create new jobs for tribal members and neighboring communities. Between now and November any calls to Capitol Hill will likely fall on deaf ears. But come after the election, tribal constituents should call their Delegation to urge that Indian Country’s tax and job needs not be forgotten."

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Gabe Galanda: Federal Indian Country Tax Incentives Expire (Galanda Broadman Blog 9/5)

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