ICT asks Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid about tribal issues

"What’s your familiarity level with Indian country? You have several tribes in Nevada. How connected to them are you?

Well, this is one of the few times in my life that I boast. I try not to boast on most things; but on Indians in Nevada, I boast whenever anyone asks. I have done more with Nevada Indians than all the rest of the Congressional delegation [from the state] put together since 1864. I say that without any reservation.

We did one of the most complex settlements ever that involved two Indian tribes, the Fallon and Pyramid Lake Paiutes.

We ended a 100-year water war between the states of California and Nevada. It involved wetlands that were so important to the Indians.

We resolved all that, getting money for the Pyramid Lake Tribe. The litigation is almost complete—once it’s done, they will get some big economic benefit. The Fallon Tribe already got their money.

We also got two new schools, one at Pyramid. Previously, they had to walk across a main highway to get to a gymnasium. They now have a beautiful school.

The thing I’m working on now: For 47 years the Moapa Band of Paiutes and about 300 other Indians have been about two football fields away from a coal-fired power plant. Those Indians suck in over 50 million tons of coal dust and soot and everything that comes from there. I have come out very publicly saying that the power company has taken advantage of these Indians. I want a lawyer to sue them."

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