USET: Tribal leaders address issues at Impact Week meeting

"USET Board Members received many honored speakers and guest durings its 2013 Impact Week Meeting in Washington, DC. The list included White House Deputy Associate Counsel Charles Galbraith, Tribal leaders, and new government appointees.

During his visit, Galbraith outlined President Barack Obama's priorities for the next term as immigration, Violence Against Women Act Reauthoritzation, fiscal sequestration, gun violence, and climate change. Galbraith told USET Tribal leaders how these issues made an impact on Indian Country.

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer spoke at USET. Schweitzer is the 23rd governor of Montana having server from 2005 until January 2013. As governor, Scheitzer appointed more American Indians to his administration than any other governor in the history of the state. He has been a champion of Indian Country issues in his state. "

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