Law Article: IRS determination aids tribes with energy credits

Attorneys say a newly released determination from the Internal Revenue Service helps tribes with renewable energy projects:
The IRS released a ruling this week that opens the door to Indian tribes playing a much larger role in renewable power projects.

It allows an Indian tribal government to be an owner or lessee of these projects. The rationale: An Indian tribal government is not a governmental unit or tax-exempt organization for purposes of tax subsidies.

The taxpayer in the ruling leased a power plant from an Indian tribe and planned to sell power to a third party. The taxpayer and tribe agreed to let the taxpayer (the lessee) claim an investment tax credit. The option to let a lessee claim an investment credit is not available if the lessor could not have claimed the credit. The IRS ruled that the tribal government could have claimed the credit.

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John J. Marciano, III and Amanda Forsythe: Can Indian tribes own renewable power projects? IRS says yes; not a pickle! (Lexology 3/12)
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