Survey finds rise in negative perceptions of Natives in Canada

A growing number of English-speaking Canadians harbor negative perceptions of Native people, according to a new survey.

Through a telephone survey, the Canadian Race Relations Foundation found that 59 percent of English Canadians have a positive perception of Native people, down from 68 percent last year. On the other hand, the numbers were relatively unchanged for French-speaking Canadians and "Other" Canadians.

"While we are encouraged by the positive indicators in the survey, we are concerned about the increase of negative attitudes, particularly in English Canada," said Rubin Friedman, Principal Operating Officer of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, a government-created entity.

The survey asked whether respondents were aware of the Idle No More movement. A significant number -- 68 percent -- said they knew about it.

Immigrants and respondents who reported more interactions with Native people were more likely to see Native people in a positive light, according to the survey.

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