ICT interview with art expert about sale of tribal cultural items

Indian Country Today interviews Christopher Marinello, the executive director and general counsel at Art Loss Register London, about a controversial auction in France where tribal items were sold:
What is your opinion on the Paris auction of Hopi art, and how do you see the issue, as a lawyer specializing in Nazi looted art?

Well, there are no international conventions addressing Native American artifacts, yet it is something that the Americans should be convening, and discussing. Because the laws in the USA protecting those native artifacts have no weight overseas.

Regarding the Nazi looted assets, there have been conventions signed by over 45 countries. But that has not been done for the Native American artifacts.

But to me, the cases should not be handled in a different way; the auction house should pull off the items from the sale, the two parties should meet to discuss the provenance of the objects, where they were purchased, look at the documentation of purchase, to check if those objects are genuine, or if there are some reproductions, or fakes, etc.

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Hopi Katsinam and Nazi Art Theft: An Expert Discusses Principles of Repatriation (Indian Country Today 4/17)

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