Column: Honor song debate shines light on race relations

Columnist posts some of the public reaction to the honor song debate in Chamberlain, South Dakota:
The issue of race doesn’t come up much in South Dakota until there’s a controversy such as the Chamberlain graduation ceremony that erupted last week.

Yet, an uneasy relationship between whites and Native Americans has continued through the decades. If the email and comments I received this week are any indication, things haven’t changed much.

I wrote a column for the Sunday Argus Leader about the decision of the Chamberlain School Board not to allow Native students to perform an honor song at the ceremony.

Reporter Peter Harriman covered the ceremony Sunday and appeared on our “100 Eyes” show Monday. Native Americans performed the honor song across the street as a demonstration against the board’s decision.

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Patrick Lalley: Public weighs in on honor song decision (The Sioux Falls Argus Leader 5/22)

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