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Navajo comedian looking forward to voice role in 'Star Wars'

James Junes of the comedy duo James and Ernie landed the role of Han Solo in the Navajo-dubbed version of the first Star Wars film.

Junes is a fluent speaker of the Navajo language. But he doesn't read the written version so participating in the film took some extra work.

"It was like a tongue twister from hell," Junes told The Farmington Daily Times. "It was like Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers ... but in Navajo."

Junes is looking forward to watching the film when it debuts during the annual Navajo Nation Fair in July.

"I had the king of the king of all lines -- 'May the force be with you,'" Junes told the paper.

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Navajo-dubbed Star Wars uses voice of Farmington comedian for Han Solo (The Farmington Daily Times 5/30)

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