Letter: Colville tribal members should remain 'Idle No More'

Writer encourages members of Confederated Tribes of the Coville Reservation in Washington to remain Idle No More:
Through our strong native spirituality and our strong native pride, we, the Colville Confederated tribal peoples across our rez and off will indeed rebuild that indigenous circle of life that our current tribal council has destroyed … ever stronger and more united … to encompass new government by the peoples, for the peoples … not only within our government fiscally but also moving forward in prosperity and a more sustainable, brighter future through improved tribal program delivery system administratively, which will not be bridled through council interference … in the end providing better lifestyles, living conditions for all our Colville tribal peoples.

He, grandfather, our heavenly father, will give us, The Colville Confederated tribal peoples, the ability to mend our broken hearts, our broken fences and our broken way of life. We the CCT peoples may be knocked down … but, we will rise up again.

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Truman V. Covington: Tribal members should be idle no more (The Grand Coulee Star 6/12)

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