Suzan Harjo: Faulty evidence cited in defense of 'Redskins'

Suzan Shown Harjo on the faulty evidence cited in defense of the Washington Redskins:
In his June 5 letter to members of Congress, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, relies on the same faulty evidence as does the Washington franchise to justify the racial slur that is their team's name. He repeats the propaganda that the team was named to honor William "Lone Star" Dietz. Curiously, he does not repeat their usual identifier that Dietz was a "full-blooded Sioux." Dietz, who was German from Wisconsin, not only masqueraded as Native, but stole the identity and name of an actual Sioux man, James One Star, who then disappeared.

Dietz wrote to One Star's sister until she appeared in his draft evasion trial and asked why he was writing to her as her brother when he was not her brother. The Washington franchise and the NFL have had access to the ample evidence that refutes Dietz' claim to Indian-ness and that confirms his questionable character, including the court record and a full FBI report.

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