KUNM: Tewa Women United focus on domestic violence issues

Tewa Women United helped bring Pueblo men to a domestic violence talk featuring Ted Bunch, with A Call To Men:
Bunch's words resonate with Louisa Baca from Tewa Women United, a Native American advocacy organization in Espanola. “There is a culture of violence within many communities,” she says. “That causes a lot of hardships, a lot of heartaches.”

Baca is helping to spread A Call To Men's message. She rallied men in Espanola to attend the presentation and hear what Bunch had to say. And once they did, they had lots of second thoughts.

Martin Cata of Espanola says he was brought up in the 'man box.' “I was brought up like that around the community, around other men. Slowly, I came to believe I have got to have more respect. So, I’m more respectful and polite, more kind.”

Phillip Silva is from Santa Clara Pueblo. He says men need to stop teaching young men to degrade women. “We need to help them respect them. And that is where all the love is going to come from, compassion. We need to bring that back into our lives.”

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Group Makes A Call To Men To End Domestic Violence (KUNM 6/17)

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