Inspector in Mexico fired after confronting Indian boy on street

YouTube: Funcionario público de tabasco humilla a niño tzotzil por vender dulces

An inspector in Mexico was fired after video showed him confronting a 10-year-old Indian boy on the street.

The boy was selling candy and cigarettes to make money for school supplies when the inspector made him dump out all of his items onto the street. Video of the incident, in which the boy can be seen crying, went viral in Mexico.

The National Human Rights Commission said it would investigate. Arturo Nunez, the governor of the Tabasco state, said he will provide a scholarship to the boy and other assistance for his family.

The boy lives in a rural Tzotzil village. He was in Villahermosa, the capital of the Tabasco state, to raise money in preparation for the coming school year, his aunt said.

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