Yurok Tribe hosts ammo exchange for condor restoration efforts

The Yurok Tribe is hosting an ammunition exchange today as part of its efforts to restore the condor to California.

Lead ammunition can contaminate food that condors eat. So the tribe is offering non-lead bullets in exchange.

”The potential [for condor restoration] in Northern California as a whole is great,” Chris West, a senior wildlife biologist for the tribe, told The Eureka Times-Standard. “Right now, we're specifically looking at lead contaminant to see if it may be a primary threat.”

The condor plays an important role in Yurok history and culture. Condor feathers are used in ceremonial regalia and the condor plays a role in two of the tribe's dances.

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Yurok Tribe works to reintroduce condor (The Eureka Times-Standard 9/5)

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