Osage Nation Congress to consider removal of Chief Red Eagle

The Congress of the Osage Nation of Oklahoma will consider the removal of Chief John Red Eagle following the release of an investigative report.

The Congress set up a Select Committee of Inquiry to look into various allegations against Red Eagle, who took office in August 2010. The report concluded that he abused his power, interfered with investigations by the tribe's attorney general and failed to carry out certain tribal laws.

The committee voted 4-0 to have the full Congress consider removal proceedings against Red Eagle. If proceedings are approved, a trial will be held by the Osage Supreme Court and the jury will be members of the Congress, The Native American Times reported.

“If the Osage Nation Congress proceeds to a removal trial based on the evidence, the Principal Chief and his legal counsel will have the opportunity to present a legal defense, call witnesses, cross-examine witnesses and submit evidence on his behalf," the committee said in a statement, The Osage News reported.

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Select Committee of Inquiry, Osage Nation Congress (October 28, 2013)

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