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Team tribute to Navajo Code Talkers stirs controversy online

The Washington professional football team paid tribute to the Code Talkers from the Navajo Nation on Monday, drawing controversy online from critics of the team's racist mascot.

Four members of the Navajo Code Talkers Association -- including Peter MacDonald, a former four-term chairman of the tribe -- appeared on the sidelines at the game during halftime. Three were dressed in the team's gear.

"Dan Snyder is a monster. What a disgrace," one user on Twitter said in response, referring to the team's owner.

The team produced a video in which one of the Code Talkers said "Hail to the Redskins." The video also featured President Barack Obama, who has spoken out against the name.

Another user on Twitter called the video "shameful and pathetic."

The tribute occurred after Native American activists held a protest before the game. They were joined by African-American and Hispanic activists who called the "R-word" a racial slur.

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