Crushplate: 10 disturbing facts about Indian Country health

The Crushplate blog uncovers 10 disturbing facts found in a series of reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about the health of Native Americans:
Cancer is the leading cause of death for Native Americans. Heart disease is second. For other races, the two are reversed.

Native Americans have the highest rate of tobacco uses of any group in the United States and a corresponding high rate of fatal lung cancer. Researchers found that, "2 of the 562 federally recognized tribes have adopted comprehensive commercial tobacco-free ordinances on their reservations, and exposure to secondhand smoke is a significant concern in tribally owned casinos and gaming venues that are a source of employment for many AI/AN persons."

Native American women have lower rates of breast cancer than non-Hispanic white women but their cancers are usually diagnosed at a later stage and age. Research has found that, "the decline in breast cancer mortality among White women, but not among AI/AN women, suggested that there is a need for more targeted screening of AI/ANs and improved access to cancer care to ensure that breast cancers are detected at an early stage and followed by timely, high-quality treatment."

Native Americans are 50% more likely to commit suicide than non-Hispanic whites. Males younger than 25 take their life the most.

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