Gyasi Ross: NFL just doesn't care about racism against Natives

Gyasi Ross wonders why the NFL hasn't taken action against the use of a racial slur against Native people:
What you DON'T have is white folks within the NBA saying, "Look Black people, we decided that you have more important things to worry about within your community. Don't focus on Donald Sterling."

Which brings me to Daniel Snyder. Another alleged racist. And the NFL. Another professional sports league. A league that, unlike the NBA, allows allegations of racism to exist and actually justifies and explains it away.

See, whereas the NBA took fierce and forceful action in less than a week when it got wind of the horrible things that Sterling said about Black folks -- even erring on the side of possibly violating Sterling's due process -- the NFL has known that some Native people (and national Native organizations such as National Congress of American Indians, National Indian Education Association, et. al) have alleged that the Washington Redskins team name is racist for years, yet has done nothing. No public hearings, no investigations, no punitive actions.

Instead of public hearings, investigations or punitive actions, the NFL commissioner defends the name and summarily dismisses the allegations of racism by saying, "...the name [Redskins] is a unifying force that stands for strength, courage, pride and respect." That, combined with white-ass Daniel Snyder telling us what issues we should focus on within our communities -- we have pretty much complete dismissal of the alleged racism against Native people.

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Gyasi Ross: Donald Sterling v. Daniel Snyder: A Case Study in How the NBA and NFL Handle Racism Differently (The Huffington Post 5/1)

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