Interview: Frank Waln on his Keystone XL Pipeline protest song

YouTube: Frank Waln "Oil 4 Blood" Official Music Video

The National Journal interviews Frank Waln about his Keystone XL Pipeline protest song, which he performed during the Cowboy Indian Alliance rally in Washington, D.C., last month:
How did "Oil 4 Blood" come about? Why write a song about Keystone?

This was about three years ago, and I was in my dorm room, and this was about the time Keystone started to be talked about back home. I was on Facebook, and I started seeing photos pop up from a protest at home, where people on my reservation had blockaded a road and were blocking trucks that were carrying pieces of the pipeline. There was one video of Marie Randall, a 92-year-old, and she was speaking to my generation. She was saying, "All we have left is this land. I'm 92 years old, and I'm not going to be out here much longer. Who's going to be out there when I'm gone?" That really spoke to me and cut to my core. So I did the only thing I knew how to do.

What's the main theme of the song?

We do not want the Keystone pipeline. If you look at the chorus, when I say "soil my love," I mean you're destroying the earth. And when I say "my mother," I'm talking about the earth. Our word for nature means mother, so we look at the earth very much the way we look at our mother.

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