Time: Player accuses NFL of not being concerned about racism

Richard Sherman. Photo by Jeffrey Beall

The NFL is more concerned about money than racism, Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman told Time Magazine.

Sherman, who is the highest paid cornerback in the league, offered a simple explanation for his assessment. "Because we have an NFL team called the Redskins," he told Time.

"The NFL is more of a bottom line league," Sherman said. "If it doesn’t affect their bottom line, they’re not as concerned."

Sherman doesn't believe NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wouldn't have reacted in the same way as the NBA did in addressing racist remarks by Donald Sterling, a team owner. He also said the "discussion" about the racist nature of the Washington team's name has stalled.

"And the public has just accepted it," Sherman said of the mascot. "And I think there should be more conversations. But it is what it is."

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