Bill John Baker: Cherokee Nation welcomes all to annual holiday

The parade at the Cherokee Nation Holiday in 2012. Photo from Cherokee Nation

Cherokee Nation Chief Bill John Baker invites everyone to the 62nd annual Cherokee National Holiday:
This 62nd National Holiday is especially poignant, as we commemorate the 175th anniversary of the end of the Trail of Tears. Although we were forcibly marched from our homelands in the Southeast to Indian Territory, our ancestors never relinquished the fortitude to continue walking another day in hopes of a better life. While nearly a quarter of the 16,000 Cherokees who started the Trail of Tears perished, our Cherokee people collectively persevered.

Keeping with that spirit of Cherokee perseverance, a resurgence occurred at the end of that marched journey. We rebuilt our communities, court system and government. We not only survived, but we thrived and prospered. Today, the Cherokee Nation is stronger than at any time in our history.

YouTube: 2014 Cherokee National Holiday
Our history will forever influence who we are as a people and a sovereign tribal nation, and we draw upon that strength every day. That legacy is something I hope each of you come and celebrate with us this Cherokee Nation Holiday.

I believe you’ll find a wealth of kind hearts, determined minds and resilient spirits, while making memories you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.

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